Le$$ than a tow bill - Bypass all your electrical - Manually engages / disengages starter - ANTI THEFT DEVICE 

The Starter Override Systems have three different functions:


1. The device acts as an override system that can manually engage your starter.


2. Disengage your starter.


3. S.O.S also serves as a security lock-out device. If when starting your bike and all you get is a "click", there could be 11 different things wrong. It’s not necessarily a bad starter. Our product will solve all these problems except for two; a dead battery or a loose connection from the battery to the starter.

SOS will fit!

Originally designed for Motorcycles, The wide range of other vehicle applications was quickly discovered. This device fits almost ALL heavy equipment including machinery & Military applications such as; Back Loaders, Tow Tractors, Skid Loaders, Forklifts, Backhoe, Payloaders, Loggers, Compactors, Trenchers, And SO MANY MORE!

If your starter cap looks like these: